The National Service Pistol and Rifle Match will be held annually between 1 March and 31 October. Registration forms must be submitted between 1 March and 31 October along with the registration fee of $10 per competitor. Please send Pistol and Rifle Team registration and scores along with the fees to: Thomas W. Hazlett, 45 Delawares Ridge, Gettysburg, PA 17325. A COPY of the Rifle/Pistol Scores only to: Norman F. Pfaff, 17892 Pointe Ct. Clinton Twp. MI 48033-4840. All checks must be made payable to National Headquarters MCL. Registration fees submitted in advance of the scores will not be refunded if a Detachment, Unit or Individual fails to fire or return the scores postmarked 31 October. The team’s registration form(s) must be typed or legibly printed with the competitor’s full legal name using no nick names or aliases. The scores sheets must be verified and signed by the Detachment Commandant or the Unit’s Commanding Officer to certify the match scores are true and correct.


Team Composition

     •Both Pistol and Rifle match teams must consist of four (4) or five (5) competitors.
     •A team consisting of four (4) competitors will receive a blind score.
              o     A blind score will be calculated as an average from the registered marksmen and will be assigned to the teams as the fifth score.
      • Entries of three or less will not be eligible for team awards, but are eligible for individual awards.
      • Teams may be from a Marine Corps League Detachment, a Reserve Unit, an Active Duty Unit or a Young Marine Unit.
      • More than one team may be entered from a Detachment or Unit.
      • All competitors on a team must be from the same Detachment or Unit.
      • A competitor cannot be a member of more than one team.
      • An Active or Reserve competitor can fire on a Marine Corps League Detachment team if he or she is a member of a Detachment.
      • Young Marines Units are eligible to enter the National Postal Rifle Match under the Young Marine rules.

Team and Individual Classifications

      • Both Pistol and Rifle teams will be classified as High Master, Master, Expert,Sharpshooter, or Marksman according to the competitors on the team.
      • Teams are classified by calculating the team average based on the classification of each firing member of the team. To calculate the team average a numeric representation of each classification is used and the team classification is the sum of the team member’s classifications divided by the number of firing members of the team. Any decimals of .5 and greater will place the team in the next higher class.

                  o High Master . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  .5
                  o Master . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
                  o Expert . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3
                  o Sharpshooter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
                  o Marksman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1

       • First time competitors that are not NRA Conventional Pistol or High-power Rifle classified will be assigned a Master classification which will be used for the current match and will be reclassified after the current year’s match to their new Marine Corps League Classification.
       • Competitors that have been classified by the NRA will have that classification honored upon verification of their classification card. Please enclose a photocopy copy of your classification card.

General Match Information

       • The Detachment or Unit must fire at a local gun club, Military base, or sanctioned tournament where the course of fire is the same as the MCL Postal Match course of fire.
       • The range length for the pistol match must be 25 Yards.
       • The range length for the rifle match must be shot at 100 or 200 yards.
         Rifle Match

       • The following rifles or their civilian models are examples of the acceptable weapons. M1903 Springfield, M1A/M14, AR-15/M16, M1 Garand

        Course of Fire 

       • 3 Sighters, 3 Minutes, Any Position
       • 10 Rounds, 10 Minutes, Slow Fire Prone
       • 10 Rounds, 10 Minutes, Slow Fire Sitting
       • 10 Rounds, 10 Minutes, Slow Fire Kneeling
       • 10 Rounds, 10 Minutes, Slow Fire Standing
       • Target: NRA SR (200 Yard 10X Target) if fired at 200 yards or the NRA SR-1 target if fired at 100 yards
       • If competitor cannot assume a specific position they may elect to fire in the next progressive position.
       • Disabled competitors enter in disabled class and may fire any safe position they can assume or seated in a chair.
       • No external modifications are allowed to the stock and barrel.
       • Military iron sights only, but dimensions may vary of rear sight aperture &front sight blade. Scopes attached to the rifle are not permitted.
       • Rounds will be single loaded only.
       • Slings can be used for support in all positions except standing. While in the standing position the sling must be in the parade position and attached at both ends of the rifle.
       Pistol Match

       • The following pistols or their civilian models are acceptable. Government Model 1911 .45 ACP  (Gold Cup and Officer’s models are acceptable); Beretta M9, .38 caliber six-cylinder revolvers.
       • Any type of internal modification is acceptable except for trigger pull which must meet or exceed the minimum four (4) pound trigger pull as designated by the U.S. Armed Forces.
       • Only standard metallic sights can be used and no other sighting or aiming device such as lasers, red dots, etc. can be attached to the pistol in any manner.
       • Standard grips must not exceed one and a half (1 1/2) inches and cannot have finger groves or other non-standard military design.

      Course of Fire:

       • Two stages with each stage containing one string of slow fire, two strings of timed fire and two strings of rapid fire.
       • 10 Rounds, 10 minutes Slow Fire
       • Two (2) five-round strings, 20 Seconds, Timed Fire
       • Two (2) five-round strings, 10 Seconds, Rapid Fire
       • There will be a pause between the Timed and Rapid Fire strings for reloading.
       • Alibis apply only to the timed and rapid fire strings.
       • A competitor can claim only one alibi in both strings of fire for a stage
       • A competitor can only fire one alibi string consisting of the string with the fewest shots down range at the time of the alibi.
       • Target: Standard NRA B-8 25 yard pistol target
       • Trophies will be awarded for first place High Master, Master, Expert, Sharpshooter, and Marksman for Individuals and Teams.
       • There will be 2nd and 3rd place trophies awarded depending on the amount of entry fees received and the number of competitors per classification.
       • Young Marines team trophies will be dependent on the number of teams participating.

       INDIVIDUAL PISTOL                                                   TEAM PISTOL
       High Master 570–600                                                     High Master 2850–3000
       Master Class 500–569                                                     Master Class 2500–2849
       Expert Class 400–499                                                     Expert Class 2000–2499
       Sharpshooter Class 300–399                                          Sharpshooter Class 1500–1999
       Marksmanship Class 0–299                                            Marksman Class 0–1499

       INDIVIDUAL RIFLE                                                      TEAM RIFLE
       High Master 360–400                                                       High Master 1800–2000
       Master Class 320–359                                                      Master Class 1600–1799
       Expert Class 240–319                                                       Expert Class 1200–1599
       Sharpshooter Class 200–239                                             Sharpshooter Class 1000–1199
       Marksman Class 0–199                                                     Marksman Class 0–999

The Young Marine Program must be adhered to at all times.

Only Young Marines that qualify in the Appendix E section of the YM program firing 22 cal rifles and following the above listed will be permitted to enter the National Postal Match. Young Marines that have an NRA classification will be classified as indicated by submitting a copy of the NRA classification card. There will not be a High Master Classification in the Young Marine Program. There will only five (5) YM’S on a team as indicated in the above rules. Odd Young Marines may enter as individual competitors. Young Marines will use the small bore rifle targets AR – 23 as indicated in the Young Marine Appendix E.


Three (3) rounds for Sighters.

Prone Position               10 rounds             13 Minutes
Sitting Position               10 rounds             10 minutes
Kneeling Positions         10 rounds             10 Minutes
Offhand Position            10 rounds             10 Minutes

Master 385 – 400                                                                        Master 1900 – 2000
Expert 300 – 384                                                                         Expert 1500 – 1920
Sharpshooter 250 – 299                                                           Sharpshooter 1250 – 1495
Marksman 1 – 249                                                                      Marksman 1 — 1249

1 Master                                                                                                  1 Master
1 Expert                                                                                                   1 Expert
1 Sharpshooter                                                                                      1 Sharpshooter
1 Marksman                                                                                            1 Marksman


The pistol targets to be used are the standard B-8 25 yard match targets as described in the National Pistol Rules. They are 10 X target with an X- ring, 10 ring and 9 ring within the “Bullseye”. Detachments and Units that wish to obtain a catalog of official pistol and rifle targets may contact the following company or any company of their choice.

National Target Company Fax (301) 770-7892
PO Box 2152 Phone (800)-827-7060
Rockville, MD. 20847-2152

Puget Sound Marines #336