Detachment 336 marched in the 2022 July 4th Parade in Kirkland, Washington as one part of many veteran organizations.  The biggest takeaway from the parade, besides the honor of being “in” the parade, was seeing (and hearing) many Marine veteran spectators as we passed.

The pride in the face of a Marine veteran watching as Detachment 336 passed was well worth the time. I hope, and encourage, all Marine veterans (and FMF Corpsmen and Chaplains) to consider joining the detachment as an active member.

For the Marine veterans who think that they may be “too old” to contribute, I’d like to hear you give that excuse to the 96 year old veteran that was also in the parade.  It is not “age” or “time” that makes a difference in the lives of supporting veterans: it is the physical act of stepping forward and being there. That is 99% of what is needed, just being there.

I hope to see more of us in the next year’s parade, especially those who watched us pass and never knew that there is still a way to serve, outside of signing a contract and being deployed.  This is your community of Marines, and your community where you live, and you can support both by simply showing up.

You have now been formally and officially invited to attend the next and any meeting of Detachment 336 of the Marine Corps League: Calendar.

Semper Fi.

Brett Shavers